After a year of production the book is here.  A year ago in the spring we were approached by the author Neil Johnson and asked if we wanted to be a part of his latest project “The Resorts of Wisconsin” telling the history of resorting and resorts of Wisconsin.  Neil spent a year and a half wandering the roads of Wisconsin coming up with the tales to tell and we are one of them

Stephanie Klett our Wisconsin Tourism Secretary and former host of Discover Wisconsin summed it up beautifully in her Forward in the book

The Land of the Musky and Old Fashioned

There’s and invisible line separating Wisconsin from other neighboring states, a border that, once crossed, has places with names like “Whispering Pines” and “Loons Landing” Supper clubs with relish trays and fish fries abound.  Here, lakes teem with walleyes and muskies.  Dense forests shelter abundant wildlife and the pace moves just a little bit slower.  Once across this undetectable line, kids suddenly shed the video games and phones to do wild and crazy things like spend time outdoors swimming, boating, skipping rocks, climbing trees, and exploring.  It’s a place where grocery stores stock earthworms in the freezer next to neon popsicles, small town shops ply you with fudge and ice cream, and supper clubs serve drinks called Old Fashioneds.

This my friends, is the family resort vacation in Wisconsin: a destination offset by crystal clear lakes, canoes and rowboats, and a place where people create their own fun.  Adam Swenson and Neil Johnson beautifully narrate Wisconsin’s history as told to them through the personal stories of these enduring family resorts.  Flipping through the pages of The Resorts of Wisconsin will likely stir nostalgic memories of your youth, or inspire you to create new ones with your family

Resorts of Wisconsin captures our onwn slice of summer Heaven and the best part is- its still here waiting for you to enjoy

Stephanie Klett

Wisconsin Tourism Secretary and former host of Discover Wisconsin

Neil goes into the history of each of the regions of Wisconsin and what led to the creation of the Family Resort.. why they survived and why some have thrived into the new century

Black’s Cliff is one of 21 resorts selected to participate in the book.  We will be leaving a copy of this book in each cabin this summer.  We also have a supply of them from Neil if anyone wants to purchase them they are 39.95.  Right now we only have 1 copy but are expecting to have a shipment from Neil the end of June.  It really is a beautiful book nicely done that illustrates what is so special about time spent with your family in the woods

Our swinging beds were quite the hit with Neil.  After visiting hundreds of places in Minnesota and Wisconsin he had never seen these before

Hope you enjoy taking a look at the book while staying in your cabin.  It sums up what many people say is special about coming to a resort.  Thanks to Neil and Adam for capturing this in words and pictures