I came upon this lovely oven range set from the 1970’s the other day being shown off by my lovely assistant, Kim, doing her Vanna White impersonation and could not decide which cabin would get this new lovely set.. Birchwood… Bayview… or Restawhile….  Such decisions

It comes with a lovely and versatile upper oven that I am sure Gloria, Linda and Murry would all be fighting over for the chance to have 2 ovens working in their nonairconditioned cabin.  Oh the cooking they could do on vacation..

I always heard of their desire for electric stove top instead of gas… Now which cabin should this beauty go in and I wonder if Kim knows where the matching fridge is, I heard it might have an avocado side kick

Just as I was leaving loaded up with the range I found this beauty that Kim is once again displaying.  Oh the Nascar races that Gary could watch on this, Linda would not miss one second of The Bachelor, Murry could catch every moment Days of Our Lives and Rich and Gloria would love to watch Lion King on a rainy day with Amelia all in the beauty in full screen.  I am sure it has a remote….

Now which cabins will get all these improvements…..  Anyone have an opinion on this?  I am sure there is going to be some fighting.  Maybe Linda could agree to invite everyone to her cabin for The Bachelor I am sure they could all sit outside by the firepit and see the TV through the screens