Thunderstorm had just rolled through and everything was damp but the sun setting in the pines was amazing

Fun catching the light coming through this one section of trees on the way to the woodshed

Speaking of the woodshed one of my favorite pictures of the day, father and son headed to our woodshed to get wood for the campfire with out 50 year old wheel barrow.  You can’t get this by staying at a motel or god forbid the Hilton

The fire in question with a pudgie pie being made over the fire.  Most of the time I see these being made with pie filling and bread.  The McCorkle family was making pizzas over the fire in the pudgie pie maker

Down at the lake after the storm I found one of my favorite photo subjects, Billy Borger heading off after the elusive Muskie.  Billy always catches something and I have taken tons of pictures of him in a boat or with a fish.  My favorite was a few years ago in the fall with the lake mists.  Billy has been fishing Lower Kaubashine all his life and I will not publish how many years that is but we will put him in our 50 plus years of vacationing at The Cliff

May the Muskie gods smile kindly on you, Billy and may you get your big fish

Before leaving the dock, Billy was giving the Strugger Family a few Lower Kaubashine fishing tips

Yep it worked…. not a muskie though

Grumbling from the top of the steps

May we please go, I spotted something at the main dock area you got to see to believe says Mack’s eyes

It is a rare occurrence don’t make any noise or he will move, Troy is sitting down and enjoying the lake.  Shhh don’t say you saw this