I had a correction from Craig on my blog entry yesterday.  This is everyone’s favorite wheel barrow from the shed.  I said yesterday if was from the 50’s.  I quickly got a text from him informing me the wheel barrow predates him and is from the 30’s.  It can be seen he claims in old resort pictures.  I could not find one with it in it but I do not doubt his claim.  It has been rebuilt with new wood atleast three times that I know of.  Every time we have a garage sale it is always somewhere close to the sale after hauling things over and always gets offers on it.  We say no…. it still works why replace it.  How many other wheel barrows have come and gone from the shed and this one has lasted the test of time

Looking at the shape of the wood I think it is getting close to another facelift.  Thankfully Troy and Steve have done it a few times and will have it in service for many years to come.  Somehow delivering wood is just not the same without this old wheel barrow.  How many loads has it down over its life time.

Since we were talking old things today, I am posting a few out of the old picture file.  One of these lovely ladies is Tom Hixson’s mom and he will be arriving Saturday with his family and grandchildren on Saturday for yet another year of searching for the elusive crappie

I believe Millie is on the far right and the guy with the cute swim suit I think is Craig.  Not sure who the rest are

One of my all time favorite pictures of the beach.  We are redoing our website in the next couple of months and I think this picture will find itself front and center somewhere on the site.  We are also considering having the 50 year club.  Families that have been with us 50 years with their picture on a page and a few reasons they keep coming back or humorous stories they have of times at The Cliff over the years.  I do believe Tom Hixson and the Hixson Family may have made it in the 60 year club all to them selves.  There might be a couple of other families that have crossed the 60 year threshold if you are in either of these clubs we will talk this summer