It is always fun to head down to the beach on Sunday mornings to see folks elated to be spending their first morning at the lake.  Rick Snodgrass ready to dance the jog as he heads down the steps with crappie on his mind and fresh bait

Over at the blue dock I spotted a lone figure who had staked out her spot and was just waiting for friends to show up

Floatie that may have to wait for a slightly warmer day coming later in the week to lure Linda into the water

That is the smile of relaxation and happiness.  2 weeks of dock time ahead and lots of laughs

Linda used to work at the resort and helped take skiers in 1974.  She was also in charge of my childcare… I think she enjoyed driving the boat over washing reminding me to wash my hair that summer.  She had not driven the old ski boat since the 70’s and was like a kid let loose in a candy store with the same gleam in her eye that everyone gets who loves this old boat and has spent time driving it.

Gunning the boat and all you see is red and blue sky and the sound of 2 ladies screaming Whoooooot Whoooooot like teenagers let loose with dad’s car for the first time

Yep same effect as everyone else, Linda is 17 again and flying across Lower Kaubashine.  I was just waiting to see if she was going to do a swoop in at the shoreline as we do when dropping off skiers.  The big boats these days can not turn and burn like this boat and can not make the swoop into shore to drop off a skier which is one of the funnest things to do with the old boat.  Someone last week called it the James Bond run

She did not swoop into the shoreline but was taking corners out in the middle that had me gripping my seat.  I am not used to being the passenger with someone that actually knows how to push this boat to have fun in the waves

All good things must come to an end… good thing Linda has 13 more days like this ahead

As a side note I was in Birchwood and saw this very sad little pink pole on a grandfathers wall just waiting for a grand daughter who might not make it up this year.  Thankfully the little pink pole will have 2 grandkids fighting over it in a few years and a happy grandfather willing to probably get a 2nd one but will it be blue or pink…..  Hang in there Eric and Alaina there will be may summers ahead to enjoy that pink fishing pole