Day 5 brought the loon show.  They put on quite a show for everyone on the docks

It was the parent loons and the baby.  First time I got good pics of the baby.  It was first spotted June 10th by my neighbor across the lake riding on its parents back.  It has gotten much bigger and the parents were fishing to feed it for about an hour down at the dock

Enjoy, I could not pick just a couple of pics but I figured those out in blog land would not mind a few loon pics

Feeding the baby

I heard they had 2 babies orginally but something happened to the 2nd one.  This one is not out of the woods yet.  The parents are on alert for Muskies and Eagles at all times

I love this pic one of my favorites of the day

Loon on the right stretching its leg.  It has a green band on its leg.  Our loons on our lake are individually banned on each leg.  The color combo is individual for each bird and helps researchers know the age and if birds return to the same lake each year.  The loon on the right had a green band on its foot that it is stretching out

Baby thinking about hitching a ride

More feeding

More folks enjoying the show

One last encore before they left to fish the other side of the lake.  Bravo!

My missing picture was 15 minutes later when the parents drove off an eagle that was getting to close.  Don’t mess with loons