It has been a busy few days of cleaning cabins, heat and soaking in the lake.  Here is a montage of the last few days.  Someone ran out of gas in the red boat and needed to be saved.  Not saying who she is but she has dark hair and loves to do anything but drive the boat.  Each time she drives the boat things like this happen.

She was saved and rowed in before mutiny occurred on board

Plans for the new office were discussed and hashed out.  One of many drawings.  I am delayed getting this blog entry up due to the guys outside moving the sauna this morning.  Entertaining pictures to come

Some fishing was going on in the heat. Rich Snodgrass coming in off the lake

He caught of the biggest crappies he has ever gotten a 12.5 inch monster from an undisclosed location on the lake

Nice Fish!  Note to Eric, I promise to stock the lake with a couple more of these for you next year.

With the heat coming on this week we decide to give each cabin a tall fan.  Some assembly required but it kept small hands busy for the afternoon

We were charging by the minute for folks to walk through and enjoy the fan times 9

The relaxation station was getting a lot of use, I did notice the SPF 50 shirts were starting to come out and I did hear that a little rain at night to fall asleep to would be welcome


How cute is this staying cool in the lake

Others found competition for the biggest splash was the way to make it through a warm afternoon

Coming tomorrow the Big Move, moving the Sauna.  As I type I hear the groaning of the ropes and a few swear words