Catching up on a few pictures from last week.  Last week 1/2 of America was in Minocqua using the internet and slowed things down so much that blogging was no fun when it takes 2 hours to upload pictures.  So finally getting around to posting a few left over.

Disclaimer:  These fireworks were not shot off at the resort.  We do not allow fireworks due to among other things, our insurance company, gas tanks at the lake, burn holes on the dock, irritated neighbors and the Craig and his dogs that hide in terror each time one goes off.  If you bring these to our resort and shoot them off your name will quickly go on a list you do not want to be on.  DO NOT BRING FIREWORKS TO BLACK”S CLIFF!

All that being said, I do enjoy watching the neighbors when they put on a display.  These were shot off July 5th in the bay by Hilltop.  It was a show worthy of an audience and we floated on the pontoon boats in the bay watching the display.  I was just happy to not be responsible for any damage they did or any visits from the Oneida County Sherriff with neighbor complaints

Enjoy the pictures, just don’t bring fireworks to the resort and peace will be maintained.