Last week was Sauna moving day.  There was much debate as to how to move the sauna.  We are moving it over 20 feet in order to make room for our office building

Ropes tied up, come a longs secured this should work…

Poles under the building… who took physics class?  Today is dedicated to the power of physics

Ready to move and test the laws of physics.  To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

Starting the cranking

Building creaking.. time to analyze the situation

Cranking some more and snap… first come a long broken, 2nd bigger one called in

Opps…. that equal and opposite reaction law is starting to come into play

2nd come along breaks and time to add a metal pole to the come along where the handle used to be.  Sauna moved 1 inch at the cost of 2 come a longs

Equal and opposite reaction….  rope breaks… someone go get the stronger rope this is going to work!  Sauna moved 2 inches

The laws of physics and all those hours spent in physics class are starting to come back.. time to use a fulcrum.  Time to bounce the sauna along.  Sauna moves 4 inches

Grab the biggest kid and make a 2nd fulcrum = sauna slowly moving 6 inches

Bounce, PULL, Bounce, PULL= 7 inches and a creaking sauna and cranky 17 year old

This has got to work  BOUNCE HARDER!

How about using a jack from behind…..  not there best idea but = 1 inch

Time for a beer break and do some thinking

Black’s Cliff endorses Heineken for all jobs that require a little thinking and a lot of sweat.  Thanks for Phil Z for leaving the guys a nice supple of Heineken for moments like these

The power of Heineken meets the power of physics.  Finally the correct combination of ropes, 2 broken come a longs being used to their last breathe, jacks with wheels leaking hydraulic fluid and….

The power of 3 teenagers bouncing=

One Sauna moved.  Mack is sitting at the old entrance to the sauna that will now be the entrance to the new Black’s Cliff office and community room.

The cost of this endeavor, 1 logging rope, 2 come a longs broken, 2 hydraulic jacks broken = 700 dollars retail (we all know they will be replaces for much less than retail) 4 Heineken Beers, and priceless moments of a family working together

Coming tomorrow… taking down the tress around the sauna… what did they hit?  I will leave you in suspense just know I am not happy