It was time for the chainsaws to come out and a couple of trees to come down to make room for our new office

Tying up the trees to pull.  We have not replaced the broken come a long from the other day when we moved the sauna so it was back to the old tie and pull method

Replace the come a long with Jake and Troy what could go wrong..

First tree headed in the right direction

No problem, 3 more to go.  Time to pay some bills while the guys set up for tree number 2.. back to the office

As I am paying bills at the desk I hear a crash and some one say “Jenny won’t be happy about this”  I run outside to see what happened that I missed… and find a large tree landed on one of my gardens…….

In the middle of the tree down I found one of my small transplanted trees was just missed.  Not sure what I would find under the tree but this small spruce escaped unscathed

Cleaning up the mess

Only Steve cuts wood in shorts. Don’t tell workman’s comp

Grant made his own shield to protect himself

Ted showing where the tree was supposed to fall

All in a days work

Time to get to work now setting the foundation and getting a stump grinder out.  First order of business is figuring out where all the buried lines are.  Troy did uncover a gas line nobody knew about and has to move the water line to the fish house before work can start