We have had a lot of stuff going on the last few days.  At 7:30 am, yes I said am..  Our stump grinders showed up to take out our stumps by the sauna in the new office area.  Nobody slept in but the stumps are going

How much noise does this little machine make….  don’t ask but the Weiglien Family in Wigwam will tell you no coffee is needed to wake up after listening to it.  Nothing like resort entertainment at 7:30 am.  The Hilton does not offer anything this entertaining at 7:30

In other examples of how much Black’s Cliff is different than the Hilton, Ken Ross got to entertain himself with fixing his motor recoil.  The Hilton never offers such stimulating pass times

Such expertise!  and Ken informed he never plans on staying at the Hilton

In other news around the Cliff, Mack has been happily gobbling up the Scooby Snacks left by Kelsey Robotka.  John Pyfer took pity on his mornful looks missing Kelsey

Even more entertaining was seeing what was going on by the Sauna.  The area between the sauna and Wigwam used to be the old resort dump in the days before organized garbage.  Unearthing around this area you never know what will turn up

Treasure troving

First of many bottles found for the day.  This is an old bleach bottle

While the treasure hunting was going on Ken and Troy happily got Ken’s motor back in working order

None of the above is at the Hilton