Well the books are here!  I have 40 copies left and will order more.  Our resort and its history along with 20 other Wisconsin resorts are shared in this book.  It also does a wonderful job telling the history of the vacationing at Wisoconsin resorts, how it started and the traditions that are alive to this day.  Everyone who has looked it over has complimented on how well it was done.  We have a copy now in each cabin.  If you want one you can either email me at reservations@blackscliff.com to send you a copy which would be 40 plus shipping of 5 dollars, have me put one aside for you when you come or come and see them in the cabins and get one while you are here.  I will be ordering more of them as I don’t think my current supply will last too long

I have been busy knitting this summer.  I have stockings ready to go.  I have doubles of each of the ones above Holly, Bear, Moose, Tree, Snowman (opps not pictured), and the cabin.  They are 45 each and that includes the name embroidered on them.  You can also order them without a blank for the name.  I insert a pattern in the opening, I just made one of those for Gloria Snodgrass of the tree stocking and it turned out nicely.

I also have patterns for Peace, Joy, Love, Angel, and smaller stockings for a dog and cat.  Email me if you want pictures of these patterns I don’t have any done yet but can get them done right away.  If you know you want one and are coming up let me know ahead of time so I make sure to have one done for you.

I can also ship them for an extra 5 dollars

Now on to Balls, Balls and more Balls

I have been knitting along and making balls balls and more balls.  You never know what is in my bag as the yarns change by my whim and what is one sale or I find.  They are 15 each and here is the bag at the moment.

Above is the Blue Snowflake, and Alaska pattern.  The Alaska pattern ball is one of the ones that fly out of my bag as soon as I make it.  It is based on eskimo sweater pattern

People holding hangs and Red snowflake

This is one of my favorite balls but one of the hardest with long floats.  It is a 2 sided ball with a reindeer pulling a sleigh on the 2nd side

Sleigh on the 2nd side

Norwegian sweater pattern (i have a 2nd one of these patterns not done at the moment they make a nice duo) and the white snowflake on blue

Moose and Rose patterns

Tri Color (I have done this ball many different ways) and Squirrel another very popular ball

Pinecone and ski jumper

Christmas tree ball and ball I don’t have a name for….  inverted hearts with silver…

Greek Cross (one of my favorites with silver) and Reindeer

Sembola and Circle patterns

My Charlie Brown tree this morning.  Christmas Balls are always changing as new ones are made and some are sold just ask to see my bag while you are here if interested

See  anything you want to order just send an email to me and I will put it aside or mail it reservations@blackscliff.com  My needles only go so fast so best to let me know ahead or they might be gone