I had to share with everyone the special lady who makes all the tie quilts I have added to the cabins the last few years.  The Lutheran Dorcas society of Calvery Church led by my friend above makes these quilts in the winter with whatever fabric they find for free or cheap.  They sell their wonderful quilts at a sale in July each year where I stop in.  They use the proceeds from the quilts to make smaller quilts to send to places in need, Katrina, Hatti or anyother disaster.  They also donate to our food pantry at Christmas.  They are a great group of ladies who really know how to quilt and have a passion for helping others.  I am happy to stop in each year and help them by buying a few quilts for the cabins.  So when you enjoy these quilts in your cabin know the lady who makes them each year in her trailer in Florida over the winter.  Hats off to the Dorcas Society of the Lutheran Church

In other news a semi came in the driveway and I knew it could have only been ordered by one person…

Yep that certain person was looking out for the semi and as we all know he can not pass up a deal… but really to go shopping and need to have a semi deliver his goodies

his goodies.

Craig happily standing next to his “good deal”  What is he doing with his good deal?  He just has a twinkle in his eye when asked and calls them futuristic.

I could not resist sharing a picture of Troy happy as a lark helping my sister unload her hay to store for her horses for winter.  Troy grew up in a dairy farming area and spent many hours in hay mows and hay wagons.  There was a gleam in his eye when we arrived to Katie’s house and he saw the chance to climb to the top of the pile and throw a few bales

Country Boys Jake and Bryon who got a quick lesson in how to stack bales criss crossed like a Jenga game.  They got the hang of it after 190 bales and still had energy to do a little bale lifting