Summer means time to head to Hilltop for a little volleyball action

Our secret weapon…. Paul…

Paul takes on a whole other demeanor when competition starts.  Such intensity has not been seen since he tried to position the raft many years ago….  lets hope the volleyball game turns out better than the raft incident

Such action and talent… does Paul really need team mates…

Hilltop had their own enforcer, Rachael.  She had an eye for the ball and was ready to take on BC

With the help of Paul’s lovely other half, Pam and quite a few others 3 very close games were played through rain and sun.  If you did not like the weather just wait 5 minutes and it changed.  Great competition but in the end Black’s Cliff pulled ahead just enough to win the day.

The cheering section of BC.  Til next year when we all come together again in the sun and rain on the volleyball court. Good game by both teams

Johnny Thompson would like to give a shout out to Char and the rest of the Schmelzers to say thanks for the great beach hat he is putting it to good use enjoying the sun and fun times with family, friends and of course his fiance Casey.  Glad to see everyone making it back to the Cliff!