Ben and Conner decided to do a 7am swim and this is the scene that greeted them.  Ben knew that to get credit for a 7am swim we would need photographic evidence so he grabbed my camera and remembered to take the SD card out of the computer and insert it in the camera before going to the lake otherwise all of these pictures would not have been recorded and we would not have believed they went swimming at 7am, yes 7am… they are a bit nuts

Once the lake he wisely knew mom would like some pics of the mists along with the rest of those in Blog land.  He may make it as the future blog writer and photographer when mom retires… Grant gets the woodshed, Ben gets the desk, paying bills and doing the blog, Jake gets reservations

Seagulls nicely posing for pictures

Thanks to Conner

and Ben for getting up early and being crazy enough to go to the lake and remembering to take my camera.  No pictures of them in the water so there is some doubt as to if they actually got in the water but we will believe them if they bring back pictures like above.  Seagulls are not saying if they were witnesses or not to the supposed swim