I have tried to explain to many people why Lake Superior is worth the hour – hour and a half drive to experience from the resort.  I hope this picture comes close to explaining it.  Peace quiet and waves.  It is hypnotic and uncrowded beaches.  This was at Saxon Harbor a favorite haunt of ours in the summer

The beach with the clay cliffs in the background.  Anyone under the age of 18 will tell you the best part of coming to Saxxon Harbor is playing in the clay cliffs and until you have done it you just won’t get why it is fun.

Can you find what does not belong

The sand comes to life

Mack got a swimming lesson with a noodle under his sinking back end.  It actually worked and he had a good time.  I have decided to order him a life preserver on line.  Doing research I have discovered that not all dogs know how to naturally swim and Mack is one of them

Sign of a good day

Just take my word for it and make sure to put Saxxon Harbor on your list of things to check out in the Northwoods, you will not be disapointed