After spending a frustrating summer using our old internet system which consisted of an air card plugged into a router.  It was time to make a change.  Up to this point the air card using the cell phone towers has worked well.  Until this summer….  my theory is too many smart phones in the area using the cell phone towers were maxing out the system causing our data to be knocked off continually causing much frustration to those of us that live in internet holes with no cable or DSL to be driven crazy and to town to get high speed.  Time for Dish Network and a new dish for high speed internet

For those of you who are jumping up and down with happiness at the thought of high speed internet at the resort let me warn you there is one problem…. it is not unlimited……  there is no satellite service I could find anywhere that offered unlimited high speed internet….  so this new service will be password protected and I will pass out the password but it is only for browsing the internet and emails.  No Netflix, No You Tube, no downloading music.  If you do any of these things you will use up the resort allotment of highspeed for the month and then we are reduced from 12 mps to 1mbps.  So use out internet but do not abuse it or  you will be come a very unpopular person at the resort

In the meantime I am loving doing this first blog entry with the highspeed.  It is so much faster importing pictures it is amazing for someone who has been living in the dark ages of internet slightly faster than dial up

In order for the signal to get through, one white pine needed a trimming, and we had the perfect person to do it

My cousin Dave Black who was luckily visiting from DC.  His former job was a tree arborist and whenever he has been in town we have somehow found a tree or two that needed attention.  Today it was Dave to the rescue of the internet

Up the ladder he goes.  I am always amazed at what it takes to make that first step off the ladder to climbing the tree

Up the ladder and time to get the ropes around the tree

He uses 2 safety ropes to climb.  The 2nd red one is dangling not yet connected to the tree

now the 2nd is around and time to get off the ladder

Still amazed how he is ready to take that step.

I love the fact he is choosing to climb in cowboy boots


Just about off the ladder.  The things we will do for high speed internet

and he is off taking off limbs as he climbs with the 2 ropes

In the mean time much conversation was going on underneath Dave

Just another day in the Northwoods