Family reunion of the Black Family always occurs in August when the East coast Black’s come for a visit.  Nothing makes a family reunion like a little war between the family using row boats.  Boat Wars 2012 commenced.  Dave Black Junior with Grant and Katie’s son Conner in the closest boat vs. Steve and Katie’s twins of terror Max and Sam and in the final green boat the teenagers Ben and Jake.  Who would win the war?

Shots fired.  Goal is to sink your competitor by adding water to the boat.  Only real rule followed is you can not bail out your boat, you can only take water out of the lake.  The rest of it is up for grabs

Steve showing great form by getting an entire bucket full in Ben and Jake’s boat

Sam safely retreating with Steve to take another volly

Much strategy on how to approach

Conner, Dave and Grant going into battle

Ben and Jake taking a hit

The peanut gallery of Dave Senior and Craig watching the antics from the side line

Brother against brothers…

Regrouping for battle.  Notice the green boat of Jake and Ben is missing a oar.  One of the twins got in the water and stole it when they were not looking.  Perfect sneak from behind move.  Stealing bailers is also allowed.

Jake retaliates and steals Steve’s oar while is back is turned, but one of the crafty twins has stolen a bailer from some boat and is returning to Steve’s boat with it

The battle wages on. Cousin vs. Cousin

Ben with an oarless boat dives in to try a boarding of Dave’s boat to submerge a corner a classic boat war move

With the other 2 boats distracted Steve sneaks in and steals his oar back and has with the help of the twins claimed many of the bailers

Steve returns to the fray and goes in for the killing move on Dave

Dave putting up the white flag of surrender

Captain going down with his ship and his minions

With his boat down, Dave takes on the smart mouthed green boat of Jake and Ben

The last boat standing taking a run for it

We are the champions!!!

The champions until a huge motor boat went by and the water logged boat of Steve’s had a hard time staying afloat through the huge waves

Til 2013 when the war starts again