Looking for new pictures to take today I headed off meandering around the resort with my camera and came up with a few nice ones

The Ellis family staying in Birchwood looking ready to enjoy a week at the cabin biking and kayaking

I always hear from folks how surprised they are at how clear the lake is, something I take for granted living here all my life

I always like the view heading up the steps to Wildflower and Bayview

There is something about old mossy cement steps that just says Northwoods.

I have been busy making a few new things.  This dish rag (I hate to use the word rag with it) is a neat pattern I found on the internet.  It does take longer than most of my dish rags I make.  Let me know ahead of time if you would like this one it is 10 dollars

This pattern does not take as long and is not as complicated (causes less swear words when I miss count my purls and knits compared to the one before) I am making them for 6 dollars each.  The one above is already claimed and I have another on order so make sure to let me know if you want one.  I also have a really nice Frog, Humming Bird and Birdhouse pattern.  If I get a chance in the next couple of weeks I will knit up examples of them.  They have flown off my shelf as I have made them

My bag of Christmas balls is always changing.  Here is the latest picture of what is in the bag.  They are 15 each and can also be shipped or picked up.  Again if you want a specific one email or call me at reservations@blackscliff.com the earlier the better especially the closer we get to Christmas

If you are not making it up here before Christmas and want anything shipped I charge 5/order to ship things that seems to have worked to cover postage.