Meanderings Around the Resort…. Mack would like everyone to know that is code word for knowing it is time to put up a blog entry and no pictures on the camera…. head out the door with the dog and the camera and see what we can find from treats for Mack to treats for the camera.. and time to take a pee for Mack

First stop was at Widlflower for a wonderful dinner on the porch with Mo and her mom and sister. Wine and a wonderful dinner… Mack was ready to take up residence.  Talking with the ladies I was introduced to Instagram on my Iphone… wait to see where this leads

The ladies have been having a great week watching the humming birds at the feeder.  Time to mix up another batch of nectar.  Troy has a secret recipe from the internet that does not involve red dye number 9.  It is 4 cups water to one cup of sugar.  Bring water go a boil and turn off heat and add sugar.  Cool and add to the feeder

Heading down Holiday’s steps to admire Jake’s paint job on the railings

Couple of oak leaves showing peaks of color by the dock

Heading over by Muskie the marshmallows were cooking in the cool evening air that everyone has been enjoying

Lilly was more than happy to pose for a picture demonstrating proper smore technique

I would love to know the story behind these colorful socks out on the line all by themselves

and the day ended by my newest discoveries.  I discovered these beauties at Island City Antique Mart by Paul Bunyans.  They are great and have just the right bounce.  Next spring they will join the rest of the chairs being black and green.  Til then they make a great spot to sit and enjoy watching the guys work on their latest project.  What is it…. not allowed to say..  Craig has definitely given these chairs his stamp of approval.  I paid 35 a piece for them, well worth it