Cleaning out my purse this morning I discovered a few things I had been meaning to post that I picked up in the last week.  So from the bottom of my purse to you, the new ATV trail map for Minocqua.  In July the town board of Minocqua decided to open a few remote roads 11.5 milesfor use of ATV’s in Minocqua to connect the Price Country trails to the Town of Little Rice trails going through Minocqua.  The Price and Little Rice trails both connect to trails to take you all over the state of Wisconsin up to Lake Superior over to Mercer and the UP and down to the Southern part of the state.  Possibilities for riding are endless.  The Trail head for this is at the end of Lower Kaubashine 1 mile from the resort where Cedar Falls Trail and Camp 9 meet Lower Kaubashine.

Above shows where the trail exits to Price County.  The Pier Lake Area is a quiet area where the speeds are slowed to 15mph.  THere is another area like this on by Winter Park where the speeds are slowed

Here is the exit to the Town of Little Rice which exits on Cedar Falls Road.  So far all has been peaceful with the opening of the 11.5 miles of remote roads.  Hopefully it stays that way as long as ATV’s respect the roads, private property and speeds.

Also in the bottom of my purse was a business card from a local artist.  Last year I wrote about Greg on the blog a wood worker who lives in Hazelhurst and does beautiful inlaid tables and other wood work.  I bought a table from him last year and put it in Red Pine, Greg guaranteed that the finish would hold up and not get scratched and he as right so this year I bought 2 tables from him

Amazing pieces done by an artist.  Where will I put them…….  I have ideas….

I did not buy this cabinet from Greg but thought it was beautiful and just wanted to share

Greg’s website is on the card above and I have also spotted him many times at the St Germaine Flea market on Mondays in the summer.  If you call him he will open up his shop for you to see what he has or email him for pictures

Beyond that you don’t want to see anything else in the bottom of my purse.  I did enjoy the wrapped chocolate mint from Kathy Bosacki’s sweet shop and a whole lot of change