I stay away from politics on the blog but those who know us know our views.. but this I could not resist

With Conventions and lots of politics this week I had to laugh when I ran into this button cleaning Holiday.  Grace has my vote..  I expect through her life to see lots of buttons like this as I am sure she will do something big with whatever she does with her life as I am sure many who know her will agree.  She has already had a staring roll in the New Black’s Cliff Video I posted a few weeks ago.

I think Grace could do it, better than many options we have!  Grace you have my vote!

Staying with the theme of political intrigue, I made an attempt to capture this spider building its web.  Spider webs are a challenge..

So as we all get mired in 3 months of political commercials, conventions and god awful commercials..  I just think of them all as a bunch of spiders trying to build a web and in the end…. I am voting for Grace!