I have to share a picture of the biggest dog that comes to the resort, George.  I steer away from most Saint Bernards as they are usually very hard to clean up after between the drool and hair, but his owner Lori convinced me 2 years ago that she was a very careful dog owner when traveling and would take care of my cabin like it was her mother in laws house.  She was not exaggerating when she leaves with George the cabin is as clean as when she checked in.  If I did not know better I would have guessed a poodle had been in the cabin not George.

You have to love a face like that, just watch out getting licked

I always think of Mack as a big dog… until he stands next to George

Since I am posting about dogs I thought I would share my latest stocking pattern.  I could not resist this pattern when I found it on line.  This stocking in a little smaller than my other ones and I will make them for 35 if anyone is looking for one give a call or email and I can make it up for you.  5 extra for shipping or pick them up when you are at the resort.  I also have the pattern for a cat stocking, but this entry is about dogs and I have not completed one of them yet but I can send a picture if anyone is interested