I had a different set of pictures planned for today’s blog entry but then I realized it was 9 – 11- 12 and throught sometimes it is just nice to remember why we are happy to have peaceful moments on Lower Kaubashine

I remember back 11 years ago to dropping Jake off at 1st grade and on the way home in the car hearing on the radio something was happening in New York.  Getting home to find the TV on and Troy watching a smoking tower in New York as Grant and Ben crawled around on the floor playing with Legos.  I remember having to go around to sleepy cabins to tell folks you might want to turn on the TV and see what is happening, as some people when they get here never turn on the TV.

I remember wondering how our peaceful shores of Lower Kaubashine would be effected and could I just bottle us all up in a bottle and transport us all to safety away from the chaos of the world

We remember and do not forget, as much as we wish we could…..