We will be slowly opening our new office/community building as they guys finish parts of it.  The first thing we are opening is our movie rental.  I have been slowly building up a selection of movies over the summer and now instead of each cabin having a small pile of movies in it, we will have a nice rack of movies for you to come choose from.  We are charging a dollar a day for a movie so we can keep investing in more movies for the library.  I hope this makes rainy days more enjoyable and expands your choices for 5 or 6 movies in your cabin to a hundred or so now and hopefully more in the future

If you bring movies to donate to the library I will give you 2 free rentals out of our library for each one  you  bring.

Everything from TV shows to movies.  I see this shelf getting very full very soon and I will have to expand.  The guys better get me some more wall space for shelves ASAP

I will have a small selection of VHS tapes, because some of the cabins have DVD and VHS combos still.  DO NOT BRING your old VHS tapes north.  This small VHS library will phase out as the VHS/DVD combos wear out.  Also I do not have extra VHS players, if your cabin does not have one… and only a DVD player… well that is the way it goes you will just have to choose from the DVD library

I think this will be a nice addition to the resort

Next thing to come are T Shirts, I made the order for them today in 2 colors.  Also a table will quickly be coming in as well for folks to have a dry spot to do internet and sit out of the elements if their cabin does not have internet.  Right now that is only the houses Bear Den, Red Pine, Blackwood and Eagles Nest.  All other cabins fall under our WIFI

In other news and the cool but need some work furniture projects I have collected over the last year are being worked on.  Troy and Steve have the glue guns and paint brushes out.  Many of the items are going in our new office/community rooms but some will be headed to cabins as well.  Rich and Gloria Snodgrass will be happy to know I fulfilled a request of theirs for a chair in Birchwood that I think Gloria will love on the porch.  Picture to come soon