I can come nowhere near the amazing pictures from yesterday but the colors today are still amazing to watch.  Each day there is more and more color.  This maple is always on the early side of turning and is across the road from the resort on our 40

The trail in the woods across from the resort starting to come alive in color.  These pictures were taken with my Iphone this morning quickly on the way home with my coffee, I promise tomorrow to get the good camera out and take more color pics

In other resort news…. things have been busy

The first load of summer stuff was loaded up on the pontoon boat and taken to Hilltop to be off loaded and put away til next summer.  Half of the beach chairs, water skiis, brown beach loungers… sad to see them be put away but time to get the beach cleaned up for winter.  The first paddle boat and the red ski boat are the next things to come out hopefully later today before we have to bail them out again from rain.  Once the boys are in school and not around to help bail out the boats Troy and Steve are always happy to take as many boats out as they can that we do not need

In anticipation of our new office/gift shop opening soon I ordered some new Black’s Cliff T shirts.  I have been asked about them the last few years but my answer always was, until I had a place to display them and store them outside of my own home I was not getting any.  Now we have the space and the shirts are here.  Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL and XXXL  If you are coming up to the resort and want to make sure I have your size in stock let me know the color and size and I will make sure to hold one for you with your name on it

There was much discussion on Facebook about whether to list Hazelhurst or Minocqua it was a resounding vote for Hazelhurst Wisconsin

Hope you all like the shirts.  If folks like this T Shirt I will order some as sweat shirts as well in the future and maybe some long sleeve ones as well

Anyone have a better sketch and feels like sharing it for a T Shirt idea I am open to ideas

I other news I just picked up this pattern for stockings and will be working on it in the future.  I already have an order for one of them.  They will be 42 dollars if you pick them up at the resort or add 5 for shipping.  I also have my other patterns worked up for a Moose, Cabin, Holly, Bear, Tree, Snowman email for pics or check out the website under Resort Information on our home page for pictures.  I also have a smaller dog and cat stockings for the furry members of the family for 35 each.  Just email jenny@blackscliffresort.com for more info or more pictures.  Christmas is just around the corner and I will only be knitting a few more orders before Christmas this year so let me know if you want something