This amazing double rainbow after a storm on Lower Kaubashine was shot by Jimmy Cikowski.  Amazing Pic!!!  I did nothing in photo shop to enhance it, this is the raw picture he took.  Thank you Jimmy for sharing it with all of us.  I see a 2013 calendar picture here

When not taking Pictures Jimmy spends every moment he can out on the boat catching Muskies.  This nice fat muskie was 39 inches long.  It was caught on Lower Kaubashine

Close up on the big fish

He also pulled in this 34 incher with the help of Fritz on the Willow Flowage.  Everyone should take one day while here to head to the Willow to fish

Not to be out done Jimmy’s dad, Al had to get in on the Muskie action and boarded this 32 incher also caught on Lower Kaubashine and released to haunt the swimming area for another year

The Cikowski guys would like to give a shout out to Jim in Villa Park, keep the office under control, they will be back as soon as they catch a few more Muskies

Thanks to the Cikowski family who always share their great pictures with me and make writing and keeping up the Blog easier.  They have been muskie fishing on Lower Kaubashine as long as Muskie’s have been swimming in its depths and always manage to chase the big fish out of their haunts.  I am waiting for a 40+ inch fish before they leave on Sunday