Last Saturday in September and beautiful colors ment one thing.. bike ride to Minocqua for Beef A Rama.  What is Beef A Rama you ask?  It is not something to be described but to be experienced

The colors on the Bearskin Trail were amazing and my camera did not do them justice but I had to keep up with 2 others so, no stopping.

The first interesting couple we ran into.  John and Linda Wrobel who have made Minocqua their home and taken Beef A Rama to heart joining in the celebration.  I am sure we will see these 2 later in the year, both have won the Ice Out Contest with Cliff a few times.

The guy who stuck out where ever he went.  I think he had a few anger issues over the replacements refs looking at his horns

Only at Beef A Rama can you go from Long Horns with Refs dangling from them to Leprechauns.  But that is what Beef A Rama is all about

Oh I forgot it is also about cooking beef, smelling beef and

Eating really good beef Sandwiches.

I have to give a Kudos to the Minocqua Chamber for their organization of the event this year.  They completely closed down town South bound street.  Which was a very good thing with crowds bigger than the 4th of July and lots of beer and Bloody Mary’s being served having semis and traffic trying to get through downtown with drunken revelers, cooking beef, and Leprechauns it was much safer and enjoyable to close the street for everyone

Live music in Torpy Park enjoyed by many

The thing I came for to see and hear the UW Madison band.  We stood in the wrong spot and this was the best pic I could get but believe me they did awesome from what I could hear 5 rows back in people

We also stood in the wrong spot to hear the Lakeland High School Band where we have a few kids we know and have paid for a few instruments and lots of driving to get them to events… ahh being a parent.  This is all I saw for our hard work…. Band headed back to the bus passing us by

Good thing we caught them earlier in the weekend at the Home Coming show at the high school.  Jake and Ben are somewhere in the mass.  Good job boys!