Steve shared this interesting book about out of the way historical bars in Wisconsin

Here are a few up in our area you might not have checked out

Little Bohemia  Most folks have gone up to enjoy dinner and drinks at this great place.  It has a bunch of Mobster history and was featured in the movie Public Enemy due to the history of Dillenger being shot at by the FBI while he was staying.  You can still see the bullet holes left in the walls from the shoot out.  Great bar, great food, and great atmosphere

Now on to some that many might not have stopped at

I will have to admit to not visiting the Peacock Lodge in St Germaine but may have to add it to our list of places we need to stop

This is one of Steve’s favorites.  You have to drive up to Bayfield to catch the ferry out to Madeline Island to go to Tom’s Burned Down Cafe.  It is orginal and something to be experienced

Living on an island that gets over 200 inches of snow every winter you have to have a good sense of humor

The Black Forest Bar is in the middle of downtown Three Lakes and is seeped in history.  A nice side trip from the resort to experience The Black Forest Tavern and check out Three Lakes