I had a meeting in Rhinelander this morning and a few minutes to spare so stopped at one my favorite trails Mc Naughton on Hwy 47 about 15 minutes from the resort.  Usually we ski this trail and I could tell you a harrowing tale of skiing at night with Steve at -10 on the red trail, but that is a tale for another day.  Today was perfect late fall day to hike or bike it.  I love McNaughton for the 3 small lakes it goes around, the gradual terrain and old growth forest you find on parts of the trail

McNaughton is in a pretty remote area and never very many cars in the parking lot.  It is for hiking, biking or skiing.  Most times we ski this trail, but I have always wanted to bring the bikes out.. Maybe later in the week with the resort slowing down I can talk Troy into taking an afternoon off to enjoy the trail on bike

Today I had time for just a quick hike down the trail to Hawk Lake a beautiful little mud puddle surrounded by tamarac

The Tamarac are all yellow this time of year and absolutely beautiful now that many of the leaves are down

Photography lesson learned here and in the next few pics.  TURN THE FLASH OFF!  My camera flashed and I did not notice and the pic would have been better with the flash off but lesson learned

I am signing up for a photography class in January so pictures like this come out better.  Live and learn

The trail that was calling for me to get my bike… but time to get to a meeting… an adventure for another day

County D on the way back to the resort is a road that must be experienced by everyone that comes to the resort.  It is a wonderful drive.  This is the prettiest part but dangerous to stop and take pictures.  This road winds between Little Car and Big Car lake.  There is a wonderful boat landing and beach on Big Carr that would be a fun trip to day for a day away from the resort, but again that is a tale for another day.