There comes a time each year that it is time to say goodbye to the white dock once again for the winter.  Today was the day

Taking care of this old dock is an art form.  It has been modified, boards changed and painted as long as many can remember.  Time to once again get it out of the lake.  Only Craig knows the secret of the boards to remove before disassembly starts

Only new and straight nails are used at all times

Hammer and elbow grease are the secret.. oh and straight nails

The tools of the trade

An hour later I glanced off the hill to see Steve on a non windy afternoon getting the raft ready to come in.  In the spring he tried this with just a row boat and a wind came up out of nowhere and the raft ended up in the wrong spot.  He learned his lesson, today it was a motor boat

Grab it quick Troy you never know when the wind will come in and I get teased all winter

I did it! without being blown to the other side of the lake (reference to Paul here, sorry Paul you get to hear about the infamous raft launch from 30 or was it 35 years ago, twice a year)

I love my job and no I will not come in til I run out of gas.  See ya

Ok it is cold out there and I am not swimming in when the boat runs out of gas

There is a comment for this picture but I am refraining

Anyone missing a Muskie lure that got snagged on the raft?

The things we find at the lake left from summer.  Does this tow rope look familiar to anyone?  I think it was left sometime in July.  It is now hanging in the stairwell to the basement.  Email me if it is yours and I will put your name on it for next summer.  I am sure it is at least a 50 dollar item new at Marina new