We returned to Mc Naughton Lake Trail for a bike ride.  I stopped the other day and took some pics of Hawk Lake.  Now it was time to take the bikes down the trail.  Also had to do with the fact that it was a nice afternoon and I was tired of cleaning cabins and Troy was happy to get away from taking docks out.  I was determined to return to the red trail where Steve talked me into skiing 10 years ago at minus 10.  We started skiing, at 4 pm, got to the shelter area and thought we could do it even if it was ungroomed… minus 10… and before it got too dark….  Crazy idea!  Now time to return to the trail I was sure I was going to die on 10 years ago.. the dreaded Red Trail

Enjoying the Tamarac along the trail.  One of the great things about this trail is the variety of terain

We made it to the Shelter area without much trouble.

Now on to the Red Trail.  Follow the red slashes in the trees.  Almost like following a trail of blood from someone putting their hand prints on the trees as they struggled down the trail.. ok I am getting dramatic but it really is out there in the middle of nowhere and we were headed back and it was close to Halloween

McNaughton Lake.  Trail goes around the lake.  I remember Steve telling me as we started off skiing, we could ski across the lake and cut off half of the trail.   I do not like going out on lakes I do not know well and I thought we can do it… really….  Today it seemed less daunting on bike

The terrain changing as we went

Red Pine plantations always have me wondering if they were planted by the CCC back in the early 40’s especially when I see them forming lines

We ran into this remote boat landing on McNaughton Lake.  Makes me wonder how many people find this and enjoy fishing on this remote lake

Back to the towering pines and a hunt for a geo cache at Lake Helen the 3rd lake you find on the trail

Beautiful Lake Helen.  We found a geo cache a few feet from this bench.  Would not have found this little sitting area if we had not had the Geo Caching Ap on my I phone.  Great way to find these out of the way places.  I think I paid 10 dollars for the ap a few years ago and use it quite often as a quick reference where ever we go to find caches and out of the way places

Geo Cache found, Red Trail completed, time to get back to the car.  Fun afternoon in the woods.  I do recommend Google Maps and the GeoCaching Ap on your I phone when heading to the woods.  It was nice to know where we were all the time