It was a murky morning on Lower Kaubashine.  Not much was stirring and everyone had their car lights on the highway.  I snapped these on the way home from dropping urchins off at school

Peaceful but murky

The winter gate was not up in one of my neighbors driveways so I snuck down and took a few pics from a different angle looking over at the resort

Things at the cabin look ready for winter Rick

I shot a picture of the shoreline.  We figure the lake is down about a foot this fall.  The water should be up to the brown grass in the picture

Definitely has a Halloween feel around the place this morning

3 cabins left this weekend if anyone needs an escape, Wildflower, Wigwam and Bear Den

If anyone out there in blog land has some good playground pictures, I am looking for some new pics to add to our new website which will be launching next week.  I really need some sandbox, tree house, tetherball and volleyball pics.  If you have any email them to  Email them high quality.  Thanks!