Happy Halloween to all

We have had a busy few days.  After having our new internet satellite for 2 months and numerous problems from settling dish, realigning dish, mysterious electrical fields created from who knows what old lines were buried by Maynard that new routers do not like to go around, we are finally coming on line.  Those that enjoy internet please appreciate Troy for his digging ether net cable through our driveway with a pick axe.  It is still not perfect from one end to the other but it is getting there.  The middle of the resort is now covered we are working on service to Kaubashine, Shamrock, Restawhile, Holiday and Norway.  Restawhile, Holiday and Norway still have our old service but it is being discontinued January 15th so count down is on to get the signal to that end of the resort.  Kaubashine is getting a direct ether net cable to the cabin with a router that will carry signal over to Shamrock.  We are making out router guy be creative daisy chaining antennas down the driveway and stretch how far a signal can be repeated