After 2 days of the flu and not be inspired to run outside away from the fireplace and take pictures of guys raking leaves I think I am finally back on line.  This picture sums up the place at the moment 1/2 put away for the winter.  One chair left out on a dock half dismantled.  No leaves on the trees.  Too much CNN watching the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and being very happy to live in land locked Northern Wisconsin

Yep this loon shows how I was feeling, but life is better.  A bit of chicken dumpling soup makes all things better.  I almost made this blog entry about how to make chicken dumpling soup a staple in our home.  Maybe a future entry.  Talking to folks the last few days I realize how many people have not boiled a whole chicken and made soup before…..  it really is easy… but whole chickens seem to scare people and they buy chicken breasts instead… or gasp….. eat canned soup…   But that is a tail for another day…  Time to catch up on a few days work