It is November…  I do like this month, things slow down and a little more relaxed… lake thinks about freezing… snow comes and goes… but not a lot to take pictures of

Guys have been busy insulating our the office building and the heater arrived last week.  You are looking in my future office door towards our movie rental rack and t shirt area.  The 3 big open squares will be french windows from Norway Pines looking in the office area.  Can you feel it getting warmer..

Internet Router Guy, JR is still waiting in the wings for a couple of parts for my router system.  It will work… it will work….

Steve working on the 2nd half of Holiday’s roof.  I think it has been 2 years since Craig roofed the first side and it was a job waiting to be done.  I can’t think of anything better to do on a cool November day than to be up on a roof… the compressor got to cold to work right and he had to bring it inside to unthaw.  I heard this project will be done next week.  Craig has been keeping an eye on progress from Southern Texas, missing roofing a little bit

So that sums up the exciting month of November

Things get much more exciting next week when Deer Hunting Starts and Thanksgiving.  I still have a few cabins open for November 17th weekend and 3 cabins left for Thanksgiving.  Give a call for a stress free, family free Thanksgiving in the Northwoods

One note about our new website.  The Availability and Specials link is up and running.  I will be posting updates as needed.  Summer 2013 openings are all posted now along with 2 specials in December and January.  The old calendar with the paw prints bit the dust