Introducing my first original Christmas Ball design.  Steve helped me come up with the design and my friend Sue helped with the colors.  It took some doing but I think it turned out nicely

If you are interested in any of my balls you can email the ones you want ahead of time so I have them ready when you get here or have them shipped.  I charge 5/order to ship and each ball is 15 dollars.  My bag of balls that are done is constantly changing.  Every ball I made this summer is gone and new ones have taken their place

These 3 are interesting balls.  I got tired of reds and got a good deal on some natural wool and did a few.  They turned out bigger than the other balls

This reindeer pulling a sleigh is always one of my favorite designs.  I have done it in red and white but liked a change this time to more natural colors.  Troy prefers the red and white so I am sure I will be making one of these again in more traditional colors

The biggest ball I have made so far.  It is a candy cane ball.  Also the first one to get a tassel.  It just said to me put a tassel on

Reindeer and Sledder.  After the 3 balls above I went on a red and white binge making more traditional red and white balls

X’s and O’s these 2 complimentary balls are made in the same yarns and seem to go together well

Rocking Horse and Tri Color ball.  I made these 2 when I was in my non red phase.  The tri color ball I will be making another one of these with sliver in it.  It is a nice ball to experiment with color

This pattern just says Christmas to me.  Selbu Ball

Another pic of the new Loon Ball.  I think this one will be in high demand if you would like one make sure to let me know so I set one aside for you

If you are interested in any of these balls email me at   Or just ask to see what is in my ball box when you are here it is always changing.  I am thinking of designing a few more new balls.  Cabin, Canoe, White Pine…. list is endless..  Time to get back to knitting