We had lot of families up enjoying a Northwoods Thanksgiving.  I caught a few of them during the day.  The Evans guys were enjoying a feast after getting 2 deer across the road from the resort.  It was man camp in Holiday with all the fixings prepared by Dan and Jeff

The Urbaniak Family getting their food ready.  I had a talk with them about broccoli at Thanksgiving.. we only have peas.. but everyone has their dishes for Thanksgiving.  I was sure I was going to find Claude somewhere in the cabin camping out on the swinging bed but not this year.  He was here is spirit though even if he was in Minneapolis.  Good times were being had by all in Kaubashine

The many Taylors, I could not catch for one big picture.  Instead I caught them around the resort loving the woods.

There is just something about going out to the woodshed and helping dad bring back a load of wood for the fire that makes Thanksgiving special in the Northwoods

The Taylor kids built one of the coolest forts on the back side of Muskie Inn.  What fun to have with the cousins

Hiding out in the fort so they won’t be asked to help with the holiday dishes

The Sokolis family getting ready to have a deep fried turkey after a little fishing a the lake.  It was almost warm enough to think about having a picnic

Kate Coyle and her dog Daisy out getting a little exercise before going to Little Bohemia with her husband Rick for a Thanksgiving feast

The Velasquez family, friends who were enjoying a wonderful dinner at Red Pine.  Some families just know how to hug and this family is one of those.  Big hug to everyone in the family

Olga cooking up a storm in Red Pine for her family.  I remember the first year I met her and having to explain gravy to her.  Apparently in Guatemala gravy is not on the menu.  The look of horror on Olga and Krista’s face when I explained using the dripping was priceless.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

We are under a Winter Weather Advisory for 2 – 4 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow.  It is amazing after a day that hit 60 degrees to go back to winter so quickly.  Pictures much different coming tomorrow