The Sokolis Family shared a few pictures with me from their Thanksgiving weekend in Restawhile.  They booked Thanksgiving months ago wishing they would see snow on Thanksgiving.  Watch what you wish for. They saw every form of weather from this beautiful 60 degree day to 24 hours later….

Same boat but different day.  Quite a change, but the kids look thrilled

This is my favorite picture Bill took.. or was it Leslie..  Whoever it was, great pic!  There is just something beautiful about an unfrozen lake with new snow

I laughed when they arrived 3 days before this picture with a sled.  I never thought they would be able to use it.  Little did I know Rudy would get a chance to be a sled dog

I am not to sure how Rudy feels about being a sled dog.  I think he would much rather be wrestling with Mack

Watch what you wish for because you just might get it like Bill, Leslie and the kids did over Thanksgiving