Drum roll please…..  Above is the featured cover photo of the 2013 Black’s Cliff Calendar  I have the Calendars done and ready to fly on Walgreens.  They are 19.99 and this week for the first 5 who call they are 40 percent off.  I have a coupon for Walgreens that I can use 5 times but that is it til Saturday when a new offer comes out.  The calendars are ordered and sent to your Walgreens and you pick them up at your store in the photo department.  Unless you live in Herndon Virginia and none of the Walgreens in your area have the equipment to make the calendars then they have to be shipped and you get the shipping charges.

As usual lots of shifty characters can be found in the pages

Here are a few

Amazing feats of physical endurance

Kids having fun

Another shifty character who almost made it in the calendar….. but did not make the cut.  I am waiting on him to come up and try to launch the raft in the spring and that will make the 2014 calendar

But Johnny and his fiancee did make it in with the hat from Char

What would the calendar be like without Mr Bill and his side kick

Some Pretty loons for the month of June

No Black’s Cliff calendar is complete without a picture of Billy Borger Muskie fishing

A picture or two of the Cikowski family fishing is always a must.  Tommy made it but the question is did Fritz…..

I honestly don’t remember if Fritz made it in the calendar and I have not picked up my 20 yet at my local Walgreens so just in case, this is the picture I would have put in the calendar of Fritz but don’t remember if I did

A few interesting pics of Craig may have made it…

Lots of pics of Lower Kaubashine over the 12 months

That is a sampling of what is in and not in the calendar.  Give a call if you would like one