This post is for John Thompson Sr. who wanted to know how our office was coming along.  Troy and Steve were finishing up the insulation today.

It is slowly getting warmer each day .  Troy and Steve have a radiant heater going and the colder it gets outside the more that is getting done inside.  By Christmas we will be doing bills and having info.  I have to come up with some festive lights for Christmas out at the building.

While they were working on that, I got my quilt supply straightened out.  Many folks ask how we keep things so clean and this rack is one of the answers.  I am constantly changing out quilts that need to be washed and rotating in from my extra supply above.  Now where do I get all these nice quilts you ask….. that is a trade secret..  TJ Max is one source but my extra secret source is a well kept secret.

A  note on Calendars.  After 4 years of making the calendar and ordering them on Walgreens, I have finally figured out how to share the project and I only need an email address to enter on Walgreens and you will get a invitation to your email account to check out the calendar and order it yourself.  This is great as you can preview it I think.  send me and email to and I will invite you to see the calendar and order it yourself.  Just remember to enter the coupon calforty to get 40% off between now and Saturday