Snapping a quick photo as I was eating breakfast this morning.  We had light snow all day yesterday which kept the snow in the pines

An hour later, lake looking cold and snowy

Strange hole about 50 feet out from shore.  What would make this hole?

Tracks in the snow going to the hole.  I have no idea what did it.

Guys working in the office getting the plastic up on the walls.  Pine boards are starting soon for the walls I am told.  Troy is standing in the middle of my office area.  French windows will be going in on the right side of the picture looking out at the community room that will be open to guests to use

Lots of sign sanding trying to get them all back up and looking good before Christmas when the Inn is full

Saying a few choice words getting the Sauna door back on.  I heard the sauna fired up the other day for the first time since summer.  Now to get the door to not stick is the challenge

Couple of other things

New Years- I just had a cancelation for New Years in Bayview.  Give a call if you are interested.  I have all the Christmas and New Years openings posted on our website under the Specials and Availability link.  Summer 2013 openings are also up to date in the same spot

Fleeces and Hoodies- I just stopped at the local screen printer and ordered Fleeces and Hoodies for the resort with out logo.  I will be posting pics as soon as I get them in and prices next week.