Rain, sleet and snow combo over the last few days has left us with wonderful sleek ice to have fun on.  I am not sure on the thickness so am passing on heading out on it for now, but that will not last long.  The weather men have been talking up a storm on Thursday which would cover all this nice ice.  We need the snow but I will be sad to see this disappear before I can safely get my skates out on it

Looking up the hill at Kaubashine and Shamrock.  the snow has left the hillside but I am sure it will not last long.

Lite snow on the birdhouse this morning

This one is for Craig in Arizona, Ken in Warrenville, and John in Colorado.  The ceiling of the office is going up.  We will stop working on it this week to get ready for Christmas.  Steve and Troy are just trilled that I have bought some Christmas decorations to decorate their work space for the Christmas Holidays… just thrilled…..  We are opening the building for the Christmas week for a place to get info, movies, T shirts and our new sweatshirts and fleeces coming this week.  Joey in Herndon, VA will be happy to know the fleeces have zippers as Amy requested

We are also going to set up a internet table for folks to stop in and use WIFI.  It is going to be nice to start using it even if it is only half done

In the meantime it is back to making Christmas cookies.  4 batches of Russian Tea Cakes, 2 batches of peanut blossoms, and 4 cranberry breads have been made and mostly eaten.  With 3 teenage boys, Steve and the Russian Tea Cake lover Troy have eaten as they come out of the oven