Grant put this bird house on our deck yesterday so it had no snow on it before we got this nice fluffy fresh 2 inches of snow yesterday and last night.  It was more than enough snow to make hwy 51 hard to drive on at 9:30 after a basketball game last night

I think this picture of my old birdhouse is very representative of the complete picture of how much snow is on the ground totally.  Depending on where you are I think it is safe to say 8 – 10 is the total so far.  A nice amount for walking around, the drifts are not high enough to limit where you go yet.  The lake is walkable without snow shoes.  I just had someone call with limited space in their car wondering if they should bring snowshoes or skates, I said grab the skates, the snow is good but not so deep you really need them and the skating rink is in great shape.

I looked at Winter Park’s trail report and they are dancing a jig over getting this new snow to patch up some ice spots on the trails and are reporting all the trails open and in good shape.

Snowmobiling the trails are open but we really need some more snow to make them good for snowmobiling.  Many of the lakes, including ours are not marked yet waiting for more ice which we are making each night with low temps.  I did see a sled fly across Lower Kaubashine yesterday, always a sign to me that walking in the middle is good to go

Decided to stretch my legs and take a walk through the resort catching some new perspectives on the new snow.  Looking from Wigwam towards Muskie with the sun peeking through.

It is hard to capture through a camera lens walking down the driveway with the pines full of snow and the towering trees.  I always feel the picture falls short of the feeling.  I think I need to figure out taking videos with my Iphone is 2013 which might catch the feeling more than a still picture

The Pines across from the resort full of snow

The gate in fresh snow.  I got Troy and Steve to get the bows and bell up this year even though they grumbled the whole time.  We shall see if it takes til February  to get them down