It is with a very heavy heart I type this blog post.  Captain Dave Tungett suddenly passed away 2 days ago from a heart attack.  His family, The Tungetts have been coming to the resort since 1963.  Dave worked at the resort in the early 70’s for Craig and Maynard before starting his career in the Navy.  He made it to being a Captain before retiring a few years ago.  He spent many hours with his dad, Roy, crappie fishing in the old red boat.

Dave will forever be known at the resort for upholding the boating rule of never…. I repeat never driving a boat between the dock and the raft.  One day when I was 13 and driving the old red ski boat I got a wild hair that 13 year olds get to run the boat between the dock and the raft since it was a cold misty day and nobody was swimming.  I did the unthinkable at moch 10 in the red ski boat.  Next thing I know a very, very mad huge Navy Captain emerged from the water where he had been snorkeling to inform me in no uncertain terms that I had just about killed him.  The effects of that encounter have curbed any urge I have ever had since to run any form of boat in the swimming area and to tell my kids and any errant guests who commit this offense the Dave Tungett Diving story

Craig tells a similar story about a kid who was hanging on the tether ball on the playground and he asked Dave who was working with us to please tell the kid not to hang on the tether ball or it would break.  We never ever had another kid that week hang on the tether ball after word got around situation was taken care of.  Dave was the perfect person to be Captain of a ship and he started his training at Black’s Cliff.

He was also a huge softy underneath.  I was told seeing him with his grandson who was born a month ago the Captain melted away and a Grandpa was born.  Sadly Dave’s brother Mike will have to be the one to go crappie fishing with little Chase along with his dad Dave Jr.

The Tungett Family

Carol, Linda, Dave, Eleanore, and Roy  (missing is brother Mike)

Our hearts go out to the Tungett Family in their hour of grief over loosing Dave.

Fair Winds to you, Captain Dave Tungett, and Following Sea’s