Before you look at the pictures below, if you are a returning guest to the resort this blog entry is dedicated to you.  People who love and appreciate the resort and the area as much as we do.  People who come and enjoy their time at the resort, respect the property, the time and effort we put in to keeping it in good shape.  Know that we appreciate you.

Having regular guests keep the resort full keeps me from having to decide at 4pm on New Years Eve to answer the phone and rent a cabin to 6 guys from Minneapolis who want to get away and enjoy New Years.  They are not partiers they claim, they just want to get away from the city for 2 nights……


Yep they got away from the city but forgot to leave their city manners behind.  New Years morning the kind Finn Family in Birchwood knocks on our door to let us know they saw glass around Norway and they think a window is knocked out.  If the Finn’s had not come down we would have been heating the outdoors with 2 broken windows for another day.  My partying bunch had flown the coop after smashing 2 sets of windows in Norway.  We came down to find the cold air blowing in the cabin and the guys had cleared out.  Police were called

Troy getting the last shards out and how to put up plastic for the night until the glass repair place opened on Wednesday.  They also broke the window in the middle bedroom.  How they managed to break windows in 2 bedrooms is beyond me.  If only the walls would talk to tell the tale of what happened.  Hours of frustration cleaning up the mess and closing off the windows with plastic.  Trip to the glass store for 142 dollars and all is well again.

It leaves you a little more jaded to the world, talking about registration forms, writing down license plate info, getting credit card info, damage deposits.  Also it gives you an appreciation for how great 99% of our guests are who return every year.  Those of you out there that fall in this category know you are appreciated.  I know we have to change somethings namely a check in procedure where I make sure to get this info from guests… but I also resist the change knowing that that takes away from something at The Cliff.

In the end know you are appreciated