How cute is little Maizie in her ice skates.  She was trying out skating on the lake for the first time with her dad Joe.  Joe said it was a treat to skate on a lake a whole different feel than a rink.  Maizie was happy as pie and told me very quietly “Thank you for the rink”

Mom and dad had better start saving for ice skating lessons.  Maizie looks like a natural.

Other news around the resort.  Troy, Steve and I went through and stuffed 150 letters that went in the mail Thursday, confirmation letters for spring, summer and fall reservations.  Keep an eye on your mail box.  I forgot to put 2 things in the letter

After 95 years of charging for linen we finally have made the complete change over to including it.  You will still have to bring towels kitchen and bathroom but all beds will be completely made up.  For 2 week reservations, if you want a change of linen mid stay just stop by and pick up the fresh linens.  I think most guests will enjoy packing one thing less this summer

Availablity:  We changed our website this fall and the old availability chart is not more.  We now have a link at the top of the main page for specials/availibility.  Summer openings will be kept up to date here under the winter specials.  The list will be kept up to date