I was in town this morning insuring that we kept unlimited internet at Norway, Holiday and Restawhile with Verizon.  Slow but unlimited…. on a grandfathered plan.. I succeeded but in the process did not take pictures and called Troy to say could you snap a few of the foggy lake while I am in town and this is what he came up with.

There was a erie lighting over the lake with the sun and cold fog.

Thank you Troy for filling in today on photography

Thank you Verizon at the local store for telling me that if I do nothing to my account everyone in Restawhile, Holiday and Norway can continue as in the past with internet unlimited but slow.  Our faster Satellite internet at the center of the resort does not reach down to the last 3 cabins so we are skating by with keeping our old plan with Verizon.  Anyone in those cabins who wants things quicker will just have to come down to the new office building but the slow will be fine for emails and light browsing.  Internet in the boonies with big trees is a challenging, and we will just leave it at that