It had spent way too much time at the computer trying to figure out how to make new floor plans for the cabins for our new website and was getting a bit cross eyed and grumbling and Troy decided I needed some sunshine so we took a walk in the woods from our back 40 across from the resort to Kitty Springs the neighboring property.

Ater walking through the big pines we got out on a plateau that had been logged 8 years ago and had a beautiful vista looking out at the spring.  Many folks have never tromped through the woods to find this unique spot

Continuing on the peninsula that separates out small pond on our 40 acres from Kitty Springs

Mack enjoying the sites and glad to be outside and not stuck in the office with me saying choice words at the computer

Beautiful land looking out

More vistas of the spring.  Some folks have taken a canoe up the stream to the spring

Continuing back on the spit of land to get a glimpse of our pond and kitty springs

On the other side of those trees is the Black’s Cliff swamp or pond.  We are on the very backside of our land looking back, something I have never done.

Just beyond the tree line is open water and the spring, Kitty Spring.  At one time this property was a mink farm.  The fences for the mink farm can still be found with trees growing around them.  A haunted house also used to be on the property but today there is only an old foundation left

Bigfoot stalking us?

He does have big feet but just Steve on his own walk about armed with a brush axe.  What was Steve up to?

More to come on Kitty Springs…….