I call these quick pics because it was so cold out I dashed outside and in a record 30 seconds snapped these 2 pics before dashing back inside

We had light snow come down last night you can see it on the deck rails and the bird house.  Not a lot but we will take whatever mother nature will give us at this point.  Hopefully more meaningful snow Tuesday into Wednesday

If this picture looks cold subtract 10 degrees from whatever you were imagining.

Today is a 2 woodstove day.  We have 2 of them in our house and I will be lighting both of them by this afternoon.  A wood stove is the one thing I could not live with out in the Northwoods in the winter.  Love the heat it throws off.  I know many love the open fireplaces in Birchwood, Muskie and Kaubashine for their looks with the fire.  I would trade that any day for the warmth that comes off the wood stoves that are in Bayview, Wildflower and Restawhile